Hacker You: Weeks 1 & 2

15 Jul 2013

Phew! It’s been a challenging 2 weeks to say the least. Someone described it as trying to drink from a firehose- that’s certainly what the first week felt like. The second week, maybe someone turned the pressure down a notch, but it was still a firehose! However, I do feel like I can see faint signs of the light at the end of the tunnel, and that day isn’t too far when it will all start to make sense and click.

Coming into the course with zero background in computer science or programming has been my biggest stumbling block. Which is not to say that this is required at all- my sense is that about 60% of the class is in the same boat, with the remaining 40% having had some exposure to programming.

What I still struggle with, thought it is slowly becoming easier, is converting my thought process when trying to solve a given problem into Ruby syntax. I know what the problem is, and what the discrete steps ought to be to come up with an answer. But how do I translate that from English into Ruby?! Pseudo coding and working backwards are concepts that I was recently introduced to and they seem to be helping.

Add to this going over how to use Git and Github, as well as making some rudimentary Rails applications and integrating bootstrap for some quick styling, the plates have been quite full for the last fortnight. There are still some 7 weeks to go, and as we get closer to working on our own ideas, the excitement is going to keep building.

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