As a designer, I focus on the process of understanding the audience and needs of a given project before actually putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as the case may be.

My workflow usually follows this path: research › sketching › wireframing › visual design › development » delivery. For the last year or so, whenever possible and allowed by the client, I have skipped Photoshop as an intermediate step of creating high-fidelity mockups. The needs of designing for multiple devices makes going into Photoshop a less efficient process for me, I can better judge the nuances of layout, typography and interactions through actual working prototypes.


BitPay is the world's leading bitcoin payment processor. During my time here, I was involved with helping design and launch the Bitcoin Checkout App, as well as the comprehensive redesign of the BitPay site and customer dashboard.


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HelpCue is an education app that helps students and teachers improve their outcomes in development bootcamps.

I led design for HelpCue— from wireframing and visual design through writing and maintaining much of the front-end codebase.


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Diabetes+Me is an enterprise solution for diabetes management. Patients and providers use it to coordinate health management and to communicate.

I have worked with the team at Rimidi on product design.


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